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Photos are memory keepsakes that will always take you back to these moments—moments that are fleeting and go by so fast. You'll someday forget what it felt like to nuzzle your kids when they were this little. You want to remember what their little hands feel like, what their hair smells like, how their laugh sounds. These photography sessions capture those moments so that you can be transported back to this time and these feelings when you look at your images. 

the emily sommer family photography experience

Columbus Ohio Family Photographer

The magical process

Contact me for a date and a no-hassle way to schedule. You just look at my scheduler and find a date that works for your family!

Choose your date


I know that family photos are important, but I also know they are a lot of work: Choosing the outfits, coercing spouses, wondering if your children will cooperate… Well, my goal is to make it easier. I'll set you up ahead of time so you come to the session feeling prepared and ready!  I will also send a Style Guide that will help prepare your family for the session and answer all your questions. 

get prepared


Show up and just have fun! I will do all the hard work once you're there. I'll get the posed, professional shot first while everyone is fresh. Then, I'll get smaller groups within the family….all the girls, the boys, just the kids, mom and dad, etc. I believe candid and posed shots are what freeze time just for a moment and capture all the sweetness happening at whatever stage of growing up your kids are in.

The session will last about 45-60 minutes. This will allow time for the family to warm up in front of the camera and to capture lots of great images.  

let's have fun!


When your images are ready, I will upload at least 20 high-resolution images prepared for printing. These are displayed in a private, password-protected gallery on my website. You may download the images or print them directly from the professional lab connected to my website.

remember the feelings forever


Easy Scheduling
Style Guide to help prepare for the session
30-45 Minutes session time at location of your choice 
Minimum of 20 high-resolution images in a private online gallery
Option to make professional prints and albums 

the classic family session


Easy Scheduling
Style Guide to help prepare for the session
Includes grandparents, 2 adult children and their families with option to add additional family members for $75/family unit
60-90 Minutes session time at location of your choice
Minimum of 35 high-resolution images in a private online gallery
Option to make professional
prints and albums

extended family session

family portrait package options

I can't wait to meet you!

Ready to capture your family's precious memories?

 Beautiful light is what makes a photo beautiful, not just the location. I schedule morning and evening sessions at the time of day when the light is most beautiful. And beautiful light doesn't always mean sun. Cloudy days can also give gorgeous light. 

why is light so important?

 I will send you a Style Guide with tips and tricks for how to prepare for your session, including what to wear. I know that choosing outfits can be tricky. I love it when clients send me photos of their outfits if they need extra help deciding. 

What do we wear?

I watch the weather forecast closely. We will reschedule if it rains.

What if it rains?

In my experience, beautiful light is what makes a beautiful photo, even more than a beautiful location. We will schedule our session at the time of day when the light is most beautiful, and then you can choose a location from a list of locations I love (although I'm always open to new suggestions.)   A travel fee will be applied if outside of a 25-minute driving time radius from my home.

Do we get to choose the location?

 Please fill out the contact form on my website. I will send you my Scheduler to make scheduling easy-peasy.

How do I schedule a session?

 I will post a sneak peek within a week of your session to Instagram ( and to Facebook (

Will I get a sneak peek?

During my non-busy season (January through April), my typical turn-around time is 2 two weeks. During my busy season (May through December), my typical turn-around time is 4 weeks, although I will rush, rush, rush to get images for Christmas cards.

What is the turn-around time?

 I will address any issues that I believe need attention. I will choose 10 images to fully edit if a lot of re-touching is necessary. Please pick out your 5 favorite images you’d like addressed in addition to the ones I already edited. If you would like additional images re-touched, there is a fee of $10/image.

Do you address issues such as acne and stray hairs?

 Nope! No judgment from me. I am a mom of 4, and I know what it’s like to have kids that aren’t feeling it that day, don’t want to listen and make everything a little more challenging. I get it and have experienced those same things. I’ll do my best to help, but sometimes life is life. This is your family and documenting the crazy might be the best way to capture life right now. 

What if my kids act up and don’t cooperate? Are you going to judge me?

 Please contact me if you need to change your date. I am a human too, so I get that things happen.

What if I need to change my date?

 You will not get every single image from our time because sometimes I can tell the smile isn’t genuine or the background wasn’t working. I choose the best images from our session that represent the formal and candid images. 

Do I get every pose and background from our session?

 I do not give clients raw images from our session. 

Can I have the raw images from the session?

Your fee includes our session and a gallery full of beautiful, edited, high-resolution images. 

What is included in the fee?

I love to see your prints off your computer and on your walls and displayed throughout your home. Your gallery is connected to a store that makes beautiful, archival prints.

Do you offer prints?

While I am an outdoor and in-home lifestyle photographer, there are certain times when a studio is necessary. I have access to a beautiful studio that we can use if your situation calls for it. 

Do you have a studio?

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